Make an RPG With Me! Live, Online Java Tutoring!

Study Java Programming by Making and Playing a Game!

I’m putting together a playable, text-based role playing game (RPG) to help you study for your computer science classes, written in Java. The game will incorporate the computer science principles that I discuss in my tutorial series. The idea is that you play the game, and then use the accompanying study materials to help you better understand how the game was created, and how what you’ve learned in the computer science class can help you make a similar game. Review material and study tips are also hidden throughout the game itself, so you can learn and play at the same time!

The target time for release is May 2018, but I don’t to keep you waiting that long! I’m inviting you to join me in a series of live, online group workshops where you can follow along with me during the development process. You’ll get an early chance to look at and learn from the code, and even code along with me on your own computer if you’d like! You’re getting live tutoring, at less than a third of my hourly one-on-one rate!

If you’re interested, click here to learn more!

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