Learn How to Make Games in Java This Summer!

Aspiring game developers and Java programmers! If you’d like to learn game development with Java this summer, sign up for this educational game jam series!

So how does this work? For three months (June, July, and August), there will be a new jam. For the first two weeks of the month, I will be posting resources and links to help you learn how to program in Java, and how to use your programming skills to make games. We’ll also be talking about how to design games, so that you will know how to take a game idea from a basic concept to a playable version. All of this information will be posted in the forum for each jam.

The second half of the month will be the actual game jam, where I’ll give you a theme and a set of criteria, and you can use what you’ve learned in the first half (and the previous months) to make a short game. You can then submit for others to play!

If you’ve never developed a game before, but always wanted to, or if you’re looking to learn Java as a new skill, this jam series is for you!

Sign up for June’s jam here: http://bit.ly/2LQeqA6

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