Secrets to Rapid Game Development: How I Created a Game Business and My First Game in 3 Months

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Available now! This book details how, fed up with years of failed attempts at game development, we finally started a game business and released my first game, all within 3 months while working a full-time job.

You will learn how we worked through the inner mental and emotional blocks that stop so many people from taking their first entrepreneurial steps, to establishing a business entity, all the way to developing and releasing a complete game.

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So many developers have big goals for personal projects, and they often start with gusto, but after awhile, the goal falls by the wayside.  Maybe the goal was too big for too close of a deadline, or work and family got in the way.

Some people have a lot of fear when tackling something new, even in software development.  Oddly enough, they can figure out new skills and meet tight deadlines on the job, but for personal goals, they have more difficulty, but if they can do what their bosses ask of them, to advance in the job, they can certainy achieve their own goals as well.

We want this book to help inspire and empower people to help people face obstacles that they might have been too uncertain to even admit to anyone else.  Hopefully this candid discussion of our own fears and mistakes will help other developers to face and learn from their own.

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