Programming Practice Problems: CodingBat

If you saw my last post on programming study tips, you know how much I emphasize programming practice.  If you need extra practice with Python and Java coding problems, check out

Created by Nick Parlante from Stanford University’s Computer Science Department, the site lets you write and then run code.  It is free, and comes with some nice features in addition to the practice problems.  If you sign up for a free account, you can track your progress for each problem.  The site also provides write-ups and video explanations of the topics, so if you’re stuck there’s help.  Some problems also give optional hints.

A lot of problems are based on the AP Computer Science free response questions.  If you’re preparing for that exam, this site should help.

One point I mentioned recently was that running code during your practice sessions gives you immediate feedback.  The problems on this site do a great job of letting you know immediately if your solution was right.  Another benefit is that you don’t have to install or set up a coding environment on your computer.

Make Your Own Programming Practice Problems

I also noticed that you can create a teacher account, and add your own problems.  In fact, I first heard about this site when some of my tutoring clients showed me the pages their teachers set up for them.  I haven’t tried this feature yet, but am thinking about setting something up.  So if you have suggestions or requests for problem types you’d like to see, let me know.

If you’ve had any experience with or thoughts on CodingBat, please feel free to share in the comments.


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