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A few weeks ago, I received a very nice compliment about a demo I did a few years ago, a game called Casino Sweeper.  Thanks to that kind comment, I have resumed development on this game, and for the past few weeks I have been redoing the game with the GDevelop game engine.

So far, I’ve gotten a great chunk of the flood-fill functionality done, which means that each time the player clicks a square, if the square is not a “money square,” the game will check each contiguous square (including diagonals).

I’m using the Javascript capabilities in GDevelop to do a lot of the work with the game board, as it seemed easier to do it that way.  The original version also relied heavily on scripting (GameMaker Language in that case), so it’s pretty similar.

Hopefully next week I’ll have things cleaned up more so I can post some updated screenshots for Screenshot Saturday!

You can play the game and get updates here.

I’ll leave the original version of the game up for now during develop, so please feel free to play and leave feedback!

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