New Ebook: Confident Programmer Debugging Guide

Debugging is a critical skill for software developers and programmers, but it is not often taught well in many computer science classes. This guide gets you started on your way to becoming a more effective and confident debugger.

Next time you face a list of pesky bugs and feel frustration rising, check this guide to help keep crashes from becoming showstoppers!

This guide includes:

  • A real-life example from a major project I worked on, complete with lessons and guidelines.
  • Tips on how to stay calm and maintain your sanity when you are frustrated and overwhelmed by your bug list.
  • Suggestions on how to research and find information on those pesky error messages.
  • A sample bug tracker tool to help you stay organized.
  • A debugging checklist to help you figure out the next step.
  • A guided debugging exercise, complete with Java code and explanation, and suitable for beginners.

You can get the guide now at my page.

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